The Top 3 Manual Toothbrushes I Recommend to Patients

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May 10, 2021

While this article recommends some toothbrushes, it’s more important to know what you should seek out.  The two most important things to consider when choosing a manual toothbrush are the hardness and quality of the bristles.

Your main priority should be to choose soft or extra soft bristles to avoid problems with the abrasion of gums and teeth enamel that can be caused by harder bristles.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seal of Acceptance is a great framework to judge if bristles are safe.
  • Soft or extra soft bristles are key to a great toothbrush.
  • Bristles should be replaced often. This is key to keeping your teeth safe.

“Medium and hard bristles can cause gingival abrasion or create micro-abrasions in enamel, which can leave the teeth more susceptible to cavities, gum recession, and sensitivity.”

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