Child Dental Benefits Scheme 

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The Government provides assistance for 2 – 17 year olds through the new Child Dental Benefit Schedule which commenced on 1st January 2014. This replaces the Medicare Teen Dental plan.

To see if your family is eligible please visit

Our family dental practice is happy to bulk bill dental treatment provided under this scheme for eligible children up to the limit of $1013 over 2 years.

Please note:

  1. Eligibility will need to be confirmed before commencement of dental care.
    Please inform the receptionist of your intention to utilise this scheme when you book your appointment. She will require your Medicare number and the child’s member number at this time.
    We will need confirm your child’s eligibility before the day of the initial appointment and on each appointment day thereafter if further treatment is required.
    Without this confirmation treatment cannot be provided under this scheme.
  2. Benefit balances available are not transferable between family members.
  3. Not all treatment options are covered by the scheme. In particular Orthodontic and Cosmetic treatments are not covered by the scheme.