Periodontitis – A Major Cause Of Tooth Loss

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September 16, 2021

Periodontitis – A Major Cause Of Tooth Loss

Looking after your gums should not be a big issue. Mostly every person has been told to keep their teeth clean since they were younger. Our parents tell us that all the time. But, they should have also told us to make sure that our gums are kept clean. Parents back then may not have been as aware as parents today about how important it is to clean your gums. Bleeding gums is not the worst thing you can experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many of us will have been told to “make sure that you clean your teeth well” by our parents when we were younger. This is good advice but not complete. They should also have included making sure that you look after your gums.
  • Most advertisements on TV that promote gum health products focus on the fact that your gums may bleed if you have gum disease. Whilst this is one of the more visible symptoms when it occurs, it is not.
  • Early symptoms of gingivitis can include bleeding gums, soreness, redness or inflammation of the gums and bad breath. 

“Some patients who have less healthy immune systems may require more frequent intervention by the hygienist, and we will discuss this with those patients when we see them.”

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