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April 7, 2023

Dental care myths

When it comes to oral health, we still hear a whole lot of old wives’ tales.
Experts and dentists have jotted down too much content on this subject. Yet, there is a dire need to educate people to get rid of these myths. In this article, we will be covering some common myths and misconceptions and check the reality coming through modern-day dentistry. Have a look:

Claim – You should brush your teeth hard to get rid of the plaque.

It’s a big myth as it damages your teeth more than good. The harder you brush, the more enamel you wear off. Using the hardest toothbrush with added pressure can give issues like receding gums and sensitivity. As per experts, it is always good to use a soft toothbrush.

In order to get rid of the plague, it is always good to change your existing brushing technique as it matters to you the most. The only thing to remember is to place toothbrush bristles directly over the gum line instead of the top of the tooth as this is where the plague starts to form. You need to move the toothbrush gently in a vertical motion, which helps in clearing the plaque for around two minutes.

Claim – Toothbrushes should be replaced too often

You should not wait till you see your toothbrush losing its shape and getting flattened. Even if you find your toothbrush in a working condition, bacteria build-up is inevitable. Experts suggest to change it in regular intervals. The Australian Dental Association suggests you replace your toothbrush or brush head at least once every quarter or when you find the bristles start to fray. If you find the toothbrush bristles wearing out in less than three months or so, you should change it immediately.

Claim – Mouthwash is not needed for oral health

This is, again, a reality, and you should understand it. You can find a lot of mouthwashes in the market, and they promise to do everything, right from fighting bad breath to helping secure against gum diseases and cavities. However, experts claim to go the extra mile to consult the dentist before you plan to use it. Most experts suggest having proper mouthwashes daily.

The best option to choose is the one that is free from alcohol and should contain fluoride.
Some mouthwashes contain chlorhexidine and peroxide, which are suitable for gums; however, you must use them carefully. Chlorhexidine can add stains to your teeth. It is always a good idea to check the labels and discuss them with the dentist before you consider one. Their guidance can help in finding the right one in the market.

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Claim: It is good to share your toothbrush occasionally with your friends or family members

This is false and a myth. If you still need to carry your toothbrush somewhere during any family holiday, it is not okay to share your partner’s or friend’s brush. You may call this act a kind gesture, but you can only share the bacteria that can increase the chances of having a cold, flu or any other germs lurking over their toothbrush. Sharing your toothbrush can risk the spread of bacterial infections and saliva-borne viruses.

Claim – You can line your toothbrush with the complete row of toothpaste

This is false and a big myth. You often look at TV ads showcasing toothpaste in big sizes.
As per the ADA (Australian Dental Association), you should only use small pea-sized blobs of fluoridated toothpaste, which seem enough for you to use, particularly for kids who need to use child-strength toothpaste till the age of eight.

We often see kids using far too much toothpaste, they like to play with it. If young children ingest excessive amounts of fluoride while the adult teeth are forming ,it can help in developing issues like dental fluorosis, that can cause teeth to make it stained or discoloured.


Oral health is as important as physical health, make sure you take care of it!
If you are looking for a dentist, check with us for more.

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