Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

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April 7, 2023

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The thought of having a wisdom tooth removed makes many people squirm. It seems like a very harmless procedure. But it comes with a lot of discomfort and mind-numbing pain that disrupts your regular activity for a few days, sometimes weeks. Therefore, one must know the answer to the question – Is getting your wisdom teeth removed really necessary? Or are there ways around it that do not require anyone to endure immense pain and discomfort?

A wisdom tooth is usually a type of tooth that appears in a person’s teens or early 20s. As our teeth set and our jaw sees total growth by that age, a wisdom tooth causes a lot of disruptions that must be dealt with.

What happens when you get a wisdom tooth?

There can be plenty of different kinds of ways in which a wisdom tooth can appear. Depending on how it erupts and the amount of discomfort it is causing, dentists do the needful. An erupting tooth can cause localised swelling, misalignment of existing tooth structure, tooth abscess, infections, and many other forms of discomfort. This is why it becomes crucial to deal with tooth eruption. However, the decision to get the tooth removed lies with the patient. And most importantly, there are other ways to deal with wisdom teeth apart from complete removal.


Sometimes the teeth seem to have not been appropriately crowned. This could be because the height of that tooth is short or the surrounding teeth placement is preventing the tooth from appearing entirely. This partial eruption can lead to irritation in the gums and improper bites while chewing food. 


In this kind of situation, the wisdom tooth is beneath a tiny thin layer of the surface of gum or tissue. This usually happens due to teeth being angled to a certain degree, preventing them from erupting. This can be quite painful for the patient. Moreover, This can lead to infections as well. Impaction of wisdom teeth can lead to food being stuck in between the teeth and causing tooth decay, infection, and abscess in some time if unattended.


Crowding of teeth is a situation where the wisdom tooth causes more than two teeth to be situated around the same spot. This can cause many problems. The alignment of the teeth can be disrupted, which would then require an orthodontist to get it corrected. If teeth are not in proper alignment, food can get trapped in between the teeth, causing infection. Furthermore, the teeth can dig into cheek tissue, causing discomfort. Misaligned teeth are highly susceptible to infections and abscesses.


There can be different kinds of infection that would occur time and again if the wisdom tooth is not treated correctly and with care. These can include swelling in the gums, an abscess formed in the gums or the cheek tissue or near the root of a neighbouring tooth, and bad breath.

When Should you book an appointment with your doctor?

During regular checkups, a dentist usually looks for early signs of infections, wisdom teeth, etc. Usually, if these checkups are close enough, you would not need a special appointment for wisdom teeth-related issues. However, if you experience abrupt and unbearable discomfort, you must see your dentist immediately.

What are the alternatives to getting your wisdom teeth removed?

A wisdom tooth in itself is not harmful. It disrupts the harmony of the pre-existing teeth, which causes a significant chunk of the problem. So if you do not wish to go through with the removal of your wisdom tooth, you can discuss it with your dentist. The doctor may go a different route if the situation is not dire.

– He can choose to remove the upper part of the tooth instead of the entire tooth from the root. This will cause the procedure to be much less painful.

– He can also prescribe an antibiotic and ask you to rinse your mouth with warm salt water for a week.

– He may remove the gum tissue that is covering the tooth. This will make sure there is no further irritation and discomfort because of the impaction.

– Prescribe pain medication to help with the pain.

Is it safe to remove your wisdom teeth?

Removal of wisdom teeth is very safe if done by a professional dentist. Usually, a doctor prescribes antibiotics to avoid the risk of infection due to the open wound in the mouth. 

There is also a risk of a dry socket in place of the tooth removed. Unhealed wounds can cause discomfort as well as bad breath. Another risk is temporary nerve damage. This usually gets resolved on its own.

Are there any benefits of getting your teeth removed early?

Some people are posed with the question of whether to remove their wisdom teeth early. Usually, when a dentist discovers the early symptoms of a wisdom tooth, he lets the patient know of the benefits of getting it removed early.

Teenagers have fully developed teeth sets. A wisdom tooth will mainly cause disruption, which is why doctors recommend getting it removed. This is a preventative measure to avoid getting severe dental problems in the future. Also, people who have a smaller mouth and a narrow jaw would most likely not be able to accommodate this new upcoming tooth growth. Predicting these scenarios, dentists advise early wisdom teeth removal in patients.

Also, sometimes women are advised to get their wisdom teeth removed early if they are planning to get pregnant soon. This is because, during pregnancy, many medicines, procedures, anaesthesias as well as antibiotics cannot be prescribed. Early removal helps tackle potential issues.

Make an appointment with your dentist if you are facing discomfort due to a wisdom tooth, or contact us if you are looking for highly experienced dentists in St. Clair.

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