Is Milk Good Or Bad For Your Teeth?

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January 27, 2022

Is milk good or bad for your teeth?

Is milk good for your teeth? The short answer is: “Yes.” Calcium, the nutrient found in milk, is the most plentiful in the human body and helps strengthen bones and teeth. Dairy like milk has nutrients and enzymes that neutralize acid drinks and foods like sugary sodas. If you don’t like milk, there are plenty of other ways to get calcium into your diet. Simply by eating yogurt, cheeses of many varieties, and even frozen yogurt and ice cream. Overall, dairy is a health benefit to most people, and while it won’t keep your teeth clean, it will help make them and the enamel stronger. Dentists recommend continuing to brush and use dentist-approved mouthwash.

Key Takeaways:

  • Milk and dairy are good for our teeth. They contain casein protein, calcium and phosphorus to repair the damage to your teeth.
  • Get more milk in your diet. Our body quickly absorbs the type of calcium found in milk and dairy.
  • Don’t drink soda. These types of sugary drinks cause damage to your teeth like tooth pain, cavities and abscesses.

“There are a variety of potential side-effects from consuming acidic and sugary drinks, according to the American Dental Association”

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