Good Oral Health During Pregnancy Reduces Risk Of Preterm Birth

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January 13, 2022

Physicians can address gingivitis, potentially reducing the risk of preterm birth. The oral cavity is exposed more often to gastric acid that can erode dental enamel during pregnancy. Morning sickness is a common cause in early pregnancy. Patients with hyperemesis gravidaurm can have enamel erosions. Patients with untreated caries and associated complications should be referred to a dentist for definitive treatment. Lesions surgically removed during pregnancy are likely to recur. Teeth can loosen during pregnancy even in the absence of gum disease because of increased progesterone and estrogen levels.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to the research from Sydney University, around 20 million children’s are born with low weight.
  • Gingivitis releases inflammatory makers and bacteria into the blood. This causes poor pregnancy outcomes.
  • For pregnant women, taking care of oral hygiene is not just for the mother’s health but also for her baby.

Our study shows that if gum inflammation is treated during pregnancy, the risk of a baby being born preterm is reduced by approximately 50 percent.”

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