How Often Do You Need a Dental Checkup?

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August 21, 2021

How Often Do You Need a Dental Checkup?

How often does one need a dental checkup? Well, it varies but for most people with moderately healthy teeth and gums. In fact, they typically visit their dentist’s office twice a year at the very least. If you have gum disease or any other underlying health issues that affect their mouth, especially tooth problems, you are most likely to frequent to your local dental office more than the average person would.

Key Takeaways:

  • Going to the dentist regularly prevents larger issues (like cavities) from developing.
  • During a dental checkup there will be a professional cleaning, in-depth oral health examination, and an oral x-ray.
  • Most people should go to the dentist for a checkup twice a year.

“However, even when you brush and floss twice a day, there will still be some gunk that is harder to remove from your teeth”

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