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February 12, 2021

QIP Accredited logo and quote from QIP explaining the commitment to excellent dental care

What Is QIP Accreditation?

QIP is a private, nonprofit organisation dedicated to enhancing dental practices and promoting high standards of dental care.

The Accreditation serves as a voluntary professional membership accreditation program for dentists. The Accreditation identifies quality-driven dentists who have demonstrated the ability to maintain safe practices and patient safety.

What Does QIP Accreditation Mean For You?

A practice is certified through a rigorous accreditation process. The benefits of accreditation are that we can ensure we meet the high standards in our field.  When you choose us, you can be sure that all staff are trained in and are using the highest standards in delivering safe, quality patient care.

An Ongoing Commitment To Care

QIP certified practices are committed to continually improving the standards of care. Choosing an accredited practice is a significant decision, indicating that you choose a place where quality dental care is essential.

QIP Accreditation is a choice rather than a requirement, and the process to become accredited is lengthy.  Safe, quality dental care for all the family our number one priority.

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