Available Treatments for a Broken Tooth

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April 15, 2021

Available Treatments for a Broken Tooth

The human tooth is very tough. It is common to break a tooth since they can a fracture or a crack. A broken tooth is susceptible to infections. A broken tooth can be treated by either having a dental implant, ceramic filling, dental bonding, a root canal and dental crowns. A ceramic filling is 98% effective in restoring a broken tooth. Dental bonding covers a chipped or a cracked tooth. Root canal is effective and necessary when the injury goes all the way to the pulp. Dental crowns are appropriate for a tooth that is in a poor state. Dental implants are useful when a patient has lost a tooth.

Key Takeaways:

  • there are several different options to fix a broken tooth
  • explains dental implants and why a person would get one
  • talks about ceramic fillings, why you would need one, and how they compare to other treatments

“Otherwise known as tooth bonding, dental bonding is a treatment that uses soft composite resin to cover the cracks or chips on the teeth. The composite resin applied to your teeth is designed to be pliable. Hence, your dentist can polish and shape it according to how your natural teeth look like.”

Read more: https://beaversdentistry.com/treatments-for-broken-teeth/

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