The Benefits of Chewing Gum

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August 11, 2021

Gum is a great thing! Going all the way back to our ancestors, the stuff really does wonders for you. Of course, back then, they were getting their gum from trees, but we have fine-tuned our chewing gum a little better today. The health benefits of gum are tremendous. It keeps your mouth hydrated, helps your digestion (just don’t swallow it), and for the smokers out there, this could be your nicotine replacement; what are you waiting for?

Key Takeaways:

  • Chewing gum helps to protect your teeth by clearing out food debris
  • Chewing gum helps to freshen breath and to mask strong odours from food
  • Chewing gum can help the digestive system by minimizing acid build-up, appetite and helping with nausea

“Early chewing gum came from tree sap, but today manufacturers use synthetic rubbers. That may sound a little gross, but it’s not like the rubber used for tires and shoes. Plus, gum makers use organic elements and food substances to round out each stick.”

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