Junk Food Analyser

June 7, 2021

junk food analyser

The Australian Government created an online tool called the Junk Food Analyser in the hopes of showing Australians the potential health threats caused by the intake of various junk foods. Australians currently eat about twice as much as recommended by dietary guidelines set by the Government. The Australian Dental Association hopes that the analyser will help people understand the risks of increased sugar consumption. These range from increased dental caries to heightened risks for diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

Key Takeaways:

  • To provide the community with a greater understanding of their discretionary food intake and where they can make improvements to their eating habits
  • Launching just in time for those who may have overindulged this Easter, the new Junk Food Analyser provides individuals with specific advice on which categories of discretionary foods they are consuming
  • People are encouraged to help reduce their kilojoules intake in an achievable way with a variety of strategies helping people to enjoy the consumption of their favourite discretionary food and drinks.

“The Junk Food Analyser has been created in the light of the fact that junk food or discretionary, as it is also known, over-consumption is driving high rates of poor nutrition, high rates of obesity, a higher risk of lifestyle diseases and of course, serious oral health issues, as detailed in the ADA’s Oral Health Tracker.”

Read more: https://www.ada.org.au/News-Media/News-and-Release/Latest-News/Aussie-and-junk-food-over-consumption-09042021

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