The Questions You Should Be Asking About Teeth Whitening

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April 6, 2023

Teeth Whitening

Our dental health suffers significantly as a result of the habits we usually have. This can range from drinking wine, smoking, and having soda regularly to having cups of tea and coffee every day. These cause dental health issues and can make teeth look stained. This can cause insecurity in many, as a result of which many people may opt for a teeth whitening session. You must figure out certain essential things about your teeth health, the products used and what you can expect.

Even though the teeth whitening procedure is plain and straightforward, at times could cause a mild sensitivity which is reversible with a soothing gel within a day or so.
Here is a list of questions you should be asking, preferably your dentist, about teeth whitening.

1. Is it safe ?

One of the most common questions regarding the procedure is – is it going to damage the enamel? Will the process be painful? How long will the course take? It would help if you asked your dentist all these questions to be prepared for it. The procedure does not hurt but at times can cause sensitivity. It would be best if you do not eat anything highly acidic, spicy, extremely hot or extremely cold for the first couple of days at least.

2. Should I opt for a dental appointment or an over-the-counter teeth whitening kit?

Seeing the dentist for an appointment is the most effective and safest way to go about a teeth whitening treatment, the dentist will evaluate your teeth & advise if your suitable for the procedure.
The over-the-counter kit may cost less but takes a couple of weeks to show results. Therefore, you should go for the kit if you expect moderate results. There are also teeth whitening toothpaste available, which takes up to a month to show any results.

3. Will my teeth look like celebrities?

Knowing what to expect is one of the most important aspects of going through a teeth whitening procedure. Will your teeth look as bright and your smile as perfect as celebrities? No.
Celebrities usually have veneers to get those ivory-white teeth. It’s always best to discuss with your dentist to find what would work for you.

4. Should I go for this if I have a crown, veneer, braces etc.?

Dental crowns and veneers differ significantly from your teeth. The colour of the crown is matched with your original teeth, so when you whiten your teeth, it will only affect your own, not the crown or veneers.The dentist usually manages the whitening to make it look even.

With braces the whitening gel can only penetrate into the exposed enamel of the teeth. Therefore, you must redo the procedure once again after the braces come off to avoid unevenness.

5. What is the after-care of the procedure?

The dentist usually gives a take home kit that can be used from the next day on for a specified period to keep up the shade after the in-office whitening treatment, instructions are provided on the use along with a soothing gel.
It is advisable to consult a dentist even when purchasing a kit

6. Should I do teeth whitening if I have a cavity?

The primary step in deciding whether to go through with whitening treatment is your dental health. All cavities & any calculus/tartar need to be removed prior to the procedure & the dentist will carefully examine your teeth & need to take x-rays to determine any decay.

7. Is the procedure for me?

Some people have slightly yellow teeth, this could be intrinsic or extrinsic staining. Usually, extrinsic stains removed after a teeth cleaning procedure will help with getting a better shade with the whitening.

8. When should I do it? I want it for a special occasion.

People often opt to have teeth whitening for their weddings or special events.
In such cases, you must know how long before the day you should go for the treatment. To get a clear idea, ask your dentist about it, they will guide you through the entire timeline so you can book your appointment accordingly.

You can consult your doctor to get your teeth whitening done. Or contact us to arrange an appointment.

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